EasyAs Internet DIY Website Hosting


*Fantastic offer from Easyas Internet that can have you online in no time.

From the internet hosting people who have made internet easy, here is the opportunity to get online for next to nothing. You can do it all yourself, or take advantage of a quick start package from our web specialist who will create a web site customized for you.

*Basic DIY Website*

Site software - Wordpress, Joomla, FTP
MySQL - One database included
Additional Database - $10 each
Additional bandwidth - $1 per GB.
Setup cost $150 includes first year hosting
Annual charge $99 per year (includes domain registration)
Data allowance - 70MB
Bandwidth - 1000MB per month
Email address - INCLUDED


This site may be used for personal or small business.
Strictly no support offered.

Our standard terms and conditions apply.
Domain is registered on behalf of customer and administered by us.


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