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Start Small, Grow Big

More of you are demanding an online business, one single solution that helps you manage every aspect of your online activities. We understand that every now and then you want to start small and expand over time. With EasyAs, you have the flexibility to start with a part of the system and upgrade as needed.... It's EasyAs

Grab this Introductory Special Deal while it is Hot Off The Press.

Only a limited number of sites available at this reduced price - so it is a case of
first in best dressed (pardon the pun).

This offer is for a Professionally designed Basic Full Solution Online Shop -
to understand more visit the live site www.hazybaybazaar.com.au -
It comprises of a very Neat but basic site package and designed by EasyAs Internet.

CLICK HERE ..... And this is all included too....


Basic Standard Package Full Solution  Shop from EasyAs Internet and Jeff Quigley of Studioquigs.

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(conditions apply - of course)



EasyAs will set up a live trial site where you can witness your Online Business Solution Standard package website come to life.

Our web designer will create for you a skin to put around your site so your content will have a desired theme throughout. Will include your business branding or logo etc etc. You can see this in the live site above.

Three customized designed templated pages to be used throughout the site - just insert your content and select the required template.

EasyAs will set up to 5 nominated Catalogue (category) pages ready for you to include your products. This will get you up and running ... (Note: Additional Catalogue Pages can be created and added at anytime by you. It is not set in stone).

There are two systems of populating your site with products - one individually or two, by bulk import of products using simple XL spreedsheets. This system allows you to quickly populate your products from 3 to 103 items - it is up to you. EasyAs will create (5) matching XL sheets to match your nominated catalogue selections - each with a sample product completed to assist and guide you as a working example. In other words you just continue on filling out the sheets with your products as per first entry then away you go - upload import the data.

Basic but secure Payment Gateways only with this package .. EasyAs will set up your shopping cart for direct deposit transfer details and Paypal or similiar only.

You are required to supply all text content for pages i.e. about us - company profile, homepage introduction etc etc. EasyAs will work closely with you re the information but in reality you know more about your business then we do.

All images used in the website set up are to be supplied..... EasyAs has a basic data of Stock Images and can use them if required - or until you wish to replace them at a later time. Nothing is set in stone remember.

Email Account - You will be required to nominate an email account for the site - for example admin@mynewstore.com.au. This will be used when the site 'goes live' and you will be required to set up such account within your own computer system.

Turn Around Time - Once we have everything in front of us (images - text content - supplied by you of course) then your site will be up and running within three weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: - The guides above are there to indicate what you get with this basic standard offer. Any additional content request will incur further expenses. For a guide on set up expenses - CLICK HERE.

This Offer does not include Domain Name registration or web hosting fees.

Feel free to contact Jeff to discuss any of the special deals on the contact numbers below or CLICK HERE to email.

TELEPHONE: (07) 49 396587 ..... VoIP No: 09130859 ..... Sydney No.(local call) : 0290128895

EMAIL: jeff@studioquigs.com.au ...... WEB: www.studioquigs.com.au