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Jeff Quigley

Phone: (07) 4939 6587

Below are testimonials from Clients of our Chief Web Designer Jeff Quigley. Jeff is a founding Partner of EasyAs Internet

Jeff runs a partner Web Design Business - Studioquigs.

Feel free to contact Jeff if you have any questions or general enquiries.

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Date Posted: 6th July 09

Business Helping Hands

I found Jeff at Studioquigs to be one of the most patience people I have come across, also a very sincere, Down to Earth (True Blue), and easy person to deal with.

I am extremely happy with my new website (this is the second website Studioquigs has done for us) that Jeff has done for me and also the rankings he has achieved for the website with Google search. Jeff's support has been the BEST.

If you are looking for an easy to get along with Website Designer, one who will do the best he can for you, no hard sell and at a very competitive price than I highly recommend StudioQuigs.

Lois English
Business Helping Hands


Date Posted: 6 July 09

Mark Svendsen - Author

Like the Rust in the Neil Young album, Jeff Quigley never sleeps. He's always on the case for you sorting out any problems — which in my case Mr Google caused.

Actually that's the only problem I've had in the year I've been with StudioQuigs. Though it wasn't caused by Jeff he fixed it anyway. That's the sort of bloke he is, some would say crazy for fixing up other people's messes, but I'd say he's the type of internet man you want to look after your plan!

Seriously, great work, Quigs.

Mark Svendsen - Author


Date Posted: 6th July 09

Garric Imports

Jeff constructed our website for us a few years ago now, and since then has regularly maintained and upgraded the site for us. Jeff is always very professional and friendly in his outlook toward his customers. Not even the smallest request is refused. Since using Jeff’s service, my business has gone from strength to strength with people finding my site easily, and easy to navigate. I would highly recommend Jeff Quigley from Studioquigs to anyone looking for honest, friendly and highly professional service.

Garry McDonald
Garric Imports


Date Posted: 8 july 2009

Advanced Book-Keeping And Spreadsheet Solutions

I found Jeff from StudioQuigs, very easy to work with in designing and setting up my website. His prices were also very reasonable.

From start to finish my website was up and running within a couple of weeks.

Several of my clients found me very easily using Google Search as my website has been consistently ranked in the top one to four since it’s creation in March 2008.

I have no hesitation in recommending StudioQuigs for new website designs.

Lyn Colyer
Advanced Book-Keeping And Spreadsheet Solutions